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Perspectives in Infant Mental Health 3-4/2017 has been published!

This issue, the final one of 2017, is dedicated to the well-being of all babies and families around the world. The Editors of Perspectives in Infant Mental Health end the year with wishes for greater understanding and peaceful coexistence in communities across the world.

The discussion on diagnosing babies continues with A Letter to the Editor by ZERO TO THREE Diagnostic Classification Task Force. Professor Kai von Klitzing responds. The discussion began in Perspectives in IMH 2/2017, with asking “Should we diagnose babies?”, with notes on the ZERO TO THREE new classification system.

In the World of WAIMH Joshua Sparrow remarks that infant mental health workers attempting to repair the disruptions of family eco-systems caused by natural or human-made disasters in cultures different to their own, they often bring interventions from their own cultures, along with the unexamined belief systems and cultural constructs that underlie them. Read the field report from Haiti by El Husseini, et al.

Other articles that appeared in Perspectives this year included a careful examination of infants’ rights by Maree Foley and Miri Keren, and focus on the worldwide burden of infant mental and emotional disorder.

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