Featured Report Column on Babies and Homelessness

This is a new column. It features publicly available reports from any international organization, country or state that addresses areas of relevance to the mental health of infants with their families.

For this issue, continuing with the theme of infants and homelessness, two links are provided that further address this issue.

The first link takes you to the full report: All Babies Count report, An unstable start: Spotlight on homelessness (2015). This report is authored by Sally Hogg, Alice Haynes, Tessa Baradon and Chris Cuthbert. It was published by NSPCC All Babies Count Spotlight in partnership with the Anna Freud Centre, London, UK. Link: http://www.nspcc.org.uk/allbabiescount

The second link takes you to the following slide set: The impact of homelessness on babies and their families. Learning resource for the Homeless Health network, QNI. NSPCC and the Anna Freud Centre UK. This source is an e-learning slide pack published by the NSPCC. It was developed to directly support practitioners working with families with babies who are homeless. The content of the slides provides a summary of the full report: All Babies Count report, An unstable start: Spotlight on homelessness. Link: https://www.qni.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/homelessness_babies_families.pdf

As editors, we welcome your suggestions of reports to feature in feature issues.



Maree Foley (Editor of Perspectives), Switzerland, Maree.foley@xtra.co.nz