Election result -Two new WAIMH Executive Committee members have been elected

WAIMH Board of Directors and Central Office staff in 2016.


The new WAIMH Board members for the years 2020-2024 are Hisako Watanabe and Catherine Maguire.

The distribution of vote:

  n Percent
Sherri Alderman 20 8,1%
Catherine Maguire 50 20,24%
Giampaolo Nicolais 38 15,38%
Nichole Paradis 30 12,15%
Clara Schejtman 14 5,67%
Jody Todd Manly 27 10,93%
Hisako Watanabe 68 27,53%

Altogether 788 WAIMH members (2019 or 2020) were eligible to vote in the election taking place 20th January – 21st February 2020 (EET). A member could vote for one candidate. A total of 247 members cast their vote. The voter turnout was at 31%. All the 94 persons who paid their membership fee during the month of election were given the possibility to cast their vote. E-mails with links were posted on a weekly basis, the latest being sent four hours prior to the deadline.

Hisako Watanabe, child psychiatrist. Based in Yokohama, Japan.

Catherine Maguire, Clinical Psychologist and Endorsed Infant Mental Health Mentor IMH-E®. Based in Cork, Ireland.