WAIMH members can participate in President-elect tentative enquiry

Last autumn WAIMH started the process of electing new members to the distinguished WAIMH Executive Committee. WAIMH members could have their say and Catherine McGuire was elected as a new member, while Hisako Watanabe was re-elected to the Executive Committee. Their term is four years, starting in June 2020.

The Nominating Committee is overseeing the process of selecting a new President, and WAIMH members can still have an impact on the result. This year we will see who steps into the shoes of President-elect, as a tentative enquiry will allow members to participate in choosing the next President to guide our organization forward. All candidates are presented on the WAIMH website. The President-elect will serve as WAIMH President 2024-2028, and Past President 2028-2032.

All current WAIMH members are eligible to take part in a tentative inquiry taking place 20th April -19th May, 2020. WAIMH has sent e-mails to current members (2019/2020), and the link to the voting appears in your e-mail. Sometimes the e-mail is found in your Spam folder. The sender is “WAIMH Central Office via Webropol surveys”. Please get back if you do not find the link via office@waimh.org.