WAIMH webinars “Keeping Infant Mental Health in Focus in Times of Crisis”

Picture from WAIMH congress in Edinburgh (2014).

Since meeting in person is not possible this year, WAIMH has postponed the 2020 Brisbane congress to 2021. Read more at: https://waimh2020.org/

We are fortunate to have gathered our colleagues from all corners of the globe to speak to us. WAIMH organized three events together with AAIMH UK and the Infant-Parent Trust UK in collaboration with the Brisbane Local Organising Committee.

The 2020 WAIMH Webinars aim to connect us through virtual space, giving us the opportunity to share information and insights about crises that affect our infants globally.

The Webinars are first available to current WAIMH members (end of August, 2020), in a second step to WAIMH affiliates and finally the webinars will be open to the general public.


Keeping Infant Mental Health in Focus in Times of Crisis 1 -Webinar

2020 Vision: Seeing through the eyes of babies – Webinar in June 2020


Available from Wednesday, 10 June



Infant Mental Health Awareness Week, UK and Australia. The Australian Association for Infant Mental Health in association with AIMH UK and The Parent Infant Foundation, UK: To promote awareness of infant mental health both regionally and globally.

  1. Gally McKenzie, Perth AAIMH, Welcome
  2. Elisabeth Hoehn, Brisbane: Creating stories to support infants and young children during disruptive events
  3. Sally Hogg, Parent-Infant Foundation, UK: Infant Mental Health Awareness Week: needed now more than ever
  4. Jane Barlow, Oxford; AIMH UK: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the ability of key community-based professionals to safeguard infants and young children
  5. Chaired by Campbell Paul, Melbourne, WAIMH President-Elect


Keeping Infant Mental Health in Focus in Times of Crisis 2 -Webinar


Available from Thursday, 11 June



  1. Intro: Chair: Astrid Berg, Cape Town
  2. Astrid Berg announces Serge Lebovici award (Miri Keren)
  3. Prof Kai von Klitzing, Leipzig, President of WAIMH: Biological, psychological, and social impact of the SARS CoV-2 pandemic on young children and their parents
  4. Dr Elisabeth Hoehn, Brisbane: Opportunities, Challenges and Collaborations: a systemic approach to supporting infants and young children in Queensland, Australia
  5. Dr Dilys Daws, London – The meaning of baby’s sleep problems
  6. Assistant Prof Miri Keren, Tel Aviv – Effect of lockdown on family life
  7. Associate Prof Giampaolo Nicolais, Rome – The Sapienza “Service for the families” during the lock down in Italy: lessons learned
  8. Questions and responses (Chair) Astrid Berg


Keeping Infant Mental Health in Focus in Times of Crisis 3 -Webinar


Available from Wednesday, 17 June



  1. Intro: Chair: Campbell Paul
  2. Campbell Paul announces New Investigator Award (Lars White)
  3. Prof Kim Mulholland, Melbourne – Respiratory Paediatrician, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and The University of Melbourne – The Science and Uncertainties of the Pandemic
  4. Dr Tessa Baradon, London – Infant-parent psychotherapy by telehealth
  5. Hisako Watanabe, Tokyo – Helping your babies and young children with joyful companionship – clinical application of communicative musicality
  6. Prof Arietta Slade, Connecticut – The preconditions for reflection in dangerous times
  7. Prof Joy Osofsky, New Orleans – Supporting Infants, Young Children, and Families Related to COVID-19
  8. Questions and responses (Chair) Campbell Paul