WAIMH Office News: IMHJ Store and memberships

Dear WAIMH members:

We have received many queries regarding subscribing to the Infant Mental Health Journal. We have revised the ordering system so that you first need to pay the current WAIMH membership dues.

Info about ordering IMHJ at WAIMH online store

WAIMH has developed a system whereby you need to order the IMHJ from the WAIMH Store on a yearly basis. Members will be able to order the journal at a highly reduced rate, and you can choose a paper version with online access or an online access option only.

Once you have signed up for or renewed your membership you can go to the WAIMH Store and subscribe to the Infant Mental Health Journal at the reduced rate. Note: New membership applications first need to be approved.

After you have paid your WAIMH membership dues, you will need to log in to the WAIMH Online Store on the WAIMH website using your membership login and passwords.

After logging in, you will see the three different subscription options that are available to WAIMH members: Paper & Online Subscription (USA and Canada); Paper & Online Subscription (International orders for people living outside USA or Canada); and Online Subscription.

You need to click the subscription type of your choice. After your subscription has been processed, you will receive the paper journal and/or login instructions for the online journal from Wiley.

Click here to view the WAIMH Online Store Guideline.

WAIMH membership

The WAIMH membership year is January-December irrespective of when you make the membership payment.

There are various ways to renew your WAIMH membership via online payments: You can either choose the autorenewal option or renew the membership manually each year. You can also make a two year payment, which has to be renewed manually every two years.

WAIMH Webinar Recordings

We would like to thank everyone who attended the WAIMH Webinars on fathers in February! In case you did not have the chance to attend, the recordings are now available to WAIMH members on our website, and will open to the public after three months.

The recording of our December webinar ‘Looking back, looking forward: Learning from our pioneers as we adapt into the future’ is now available to everyone on WAIMH’s YouTube channel. Feel free to share the link with your colleagues too!

All the best wishes,

Minna and Neea from the WAIMH Central Office