News from the WAIMH Central Office

Dear WAIMH members,

We wish to thank you for your membership in 2023! As we are about to begin the new membership year 2024, here you will find information regarding membership renewal, news about the WAIMH Online Community, and a reminder about the call for nominations for the WAIMH Board of Directors 2024-2028.

WAIMH membership and IMHJ subscription for 2024

The WAIMH membership year 2023 is about to end on December 31, 2023.

There are many ways to renew your membership via online payments: You can choose the auto-renewal option or renew your membership manually each year. You can also make a two-year payment, which needs to be renewed manually every two years.

If you have chosen the auto-renewal option, your membership will renew automatically on December 31, 2023.

If you wish to maintain your Infant Mental Health Journal (IMHJ) subscription for 2024, you can order the journal separately through the WAIMH Online Store.

Review the visibility of your membership profile information

To make it easier for our members to network within the WAIMH Online Community, we are planning to enable members to view other members’ profiles on the membership platform. This way you will be able to send other members requests to connect and communicate with them more easily via the platform.

Please note that in your membership profile settings you can choose which information is visible in your profile. We recommend that you review the visibility of your profile information by following the steps set out below.

  1. Sign in with your membership login at
  2. Click on “Welcome, (your name)” in the top right corner.
  3. Click Account + Settings.
  4. Here you will find your profile information. The details for which you can set the visibility status on your profile have an icon on the left. By clicking on the icon, you can choose the desired visibility: Private (Not Visible in Profile), or Members Only (Visible Only to Members).
  5. After you have reviewed your settings, click Save Changes.

If you need any further assistance, please just let us know at

Reminder: Call for nominations – WAIMH Board of Directors 2024-2028

Three Directors, Chaya Kulkarni, Catherine Maguire and Hisako Watanabe, will end their four-year term of office in June 2024. They have worked with great dedication and warmth during their four-year term. According to the Bylaws of WAIMH, two Directors will now be elected by the members of WAIMH and one will be appointed by the new President at the beginning of her term.

You, all the active WAIMH members are now kindly invited to nominate candidates for two new Directors. You will have time to nominate candidates until January 25th, 2024.

E-mails with guidelines have been posted to all active WAIMH members.

Please, give your contribution to WAIMH! The people you have nominated to serve WAIMH will help to carry on the mission of WAIMH and to get the voices of infants heard all over the world.

If you have any questions about the nomination or election process, please contact us via email: or read more on WAIMH website.

Support our work

The World Association for Infant Mental Health (WAIMH) has made it its goal to be truly multi-national and culturally diverse. The majority of infants live in developing countries, and clinicians and researchers serving their needs have less resources for sharing the current knowledge and skills of infant mental health with colleagues from other countries.

You can sponsor two current programs: Sponsor a Membership (Beacon Club) or Sponsor a Delegate, or you can donate the amount of your choice to WAIMH for scientific, charitable and educational purposes.

Sponsor a Membership (Beacon Club)

The Beacon Club promotes WAIMH’s objectives by:

  • Sponsoring WAIMH memberships and Infant Mental Health Journal (IMHJ) subscriptions for individuals from developing countries.
  • Extending the influence of infant mental health to countries now developing new approaches to issues of infancy.

As a Beacon Club Sponsor you have the choice of sponsoring a person for 1-3 years for $115.00 per year. The Beacon Club scholarship includes a one-year professional WAIMH membership and an online subscription to Infant Mental Health Journal.

The Beacon Club scholarship is intended for developing countries’ professionals in the field of Infant Mental Health.

Sponsor a Delegate

The WAIMH Sponsor a Delegate program aims at providing more colleagues from developing countries a chance to participate in the World Congress.

Delegates from Low Income (LIC), Lower-Middle (LMC) and Upper-Middle Income (UMC) countries can be sponsored by High Income Country peers – by individual infant mental health professionals, by Affiliate Associations of WAIMH, or by companies. Sponsored delegates will have the opportunity to participate in the Congress, learn about new scientific and clinical practice on infant mental health, share their own knowledge and meet colleagues working internationally in the field.

Applications for the WAIMH 2024 Sponsor a Delegate Programme are open!

Delegates from LIC, LMC and UMC countries who have their poster abstract accepted for the Congress can apply for a sponsorship by filling in the application form. Applications close 10th January 2024 (GMT).

Thank you for your contributions to support infant mental health globally!

With warm wishes,

Neea and Minna from the WAIMH central office