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Dear WAIMH members,

During the recent years WAIMH has aimed at strengthening the role of its Affiliates and the thousands of members of its Affiliates. This has been an important aim and now at the Leipzig Congress we are moving towards the implementation of the decisions made by the Board so far, to achieve this.

WAIMH is, however, composed of individual members – infant mental health professionals who are committed to infants’ and their families’ wellbeing, who are eager to learn more, who are willing to share their knowledge and who are enthusiastic to network with colleagues all over the world. You as the members of WAIMH are influential in shaping the programs and activities of WAIMH. Now, at the Leipzig Congress, you have a great opportunity to contribute to WAIMH policies by participating in the WAIMH Membership Meeting which is going to be held on Thursday, 1st of July at 17.00 – 17.45 in the Leipzig Congress Center. You will find the agenda of the Membership Meeting in this Signal (page 8).

In the Leipzig Congress besides business you can also enjoy quite unique art! For the first time ever in a WAIMH congress we will see a performance of Haydn’s „Creation“, that is special on different levels. For the very first time the oratorio will be performed by children and in combination with a newly written stage-play accompanying the original composition. The plot was written by Marguerite Dunitz, who has been an active member of WAIMH for over 20 years. Her experience as paediatrician and as psychotherapist conducting a lively group of children from 4-18 years will let you share an unforgettable evening. The SKATING AMADEUS CHOIR is from Graz, a University City in the south of Austria, some 700 miles south of Leipzig. Those of you attending the Leipzig Congress, be sure not to miss this wonderful performance.

Welcome to the Membership Meeting and the activities of the WAIMH!


From the Kauppi Campus: Information and News from the Central Office


Kaukonen, Pälvi,
Puurja, Kaija,

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