The Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development and the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood

The Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development (CEECD) is a network of stakeholders (researchers, national and international organisations, foundations, NGOs) who share the same vision on the importance of the early years and the necessity to provide high quality of services to young children and their families, from conception to school entry. The CEECD mandate is to disseminate the best scientific knowledge on Early Childhood Development to those who need it most (practitioners, policy makers, service planners, parents).

Since its creation in 2001, in Canada at the Montreal University, the Centre of Excellence has developed reliable and credible sources of information, and has built a strong network all around the world; CEECD is renowned as:

  • The developer of the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development, a unique, accessible and free online resource that compiles the world’s best scientific knowledge on early childhood development and interventions. The Encyclopedia is available at, in French at, in Spanish at and in Portuguese at
  • The Encyclopedia reaches every year more than 250,000 visitors, from more than 125 different countries.
  • A team with a strong expertise on Knowledge exchange, with a rigorous process to identify best available knowledge and to regularly update its products
  • A network of international experts who participate in knowledge mobilisation activities and who generate capacity building on knowledge transfer and program evaluation
  • A credible, neutral organisation, supporting linkages between research activities and program delivery

The Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development was mostly developed for policy-makers, planners and service-providers and for parents. This compilation of papers from leading experts covers 40 topics related to the social and emotional development of young children, from conception to age five, and addresses three perspectives: development, services and policies.

Additionally, a simplified synthesis on each topic presents key knowledge to practitioners and planners. The synthesis answers three main inquiries: What is the importance of the topic, what is the best and most up-to-date knowledge on the topic, and what can be done to improve services, policies and research.

The Encyclopedia includes key messages on each topic geared to parents and service providers.

This free on line Encyclopedia, is a unique scientific tool of knowledge on Early Childhood Development around the world.



The Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development and the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood



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