Every two years, WAIMH recognizes members from across the world who have made very important contributions to the infant mental health community. WAIMH Award Committee encourages nominations from a variety of disciplines and settings around the world, e.g. health, mental health, early care and education, early intervention, hospitals, colleges and universities, legislatures, etc. Nominations are invited for each of the following award categories:

1. WAIMH Award

Given in recognition of significant contributions to the World Association for Infant Mental Health, either directly or through one of the WAIMH Affiliate Associations.

Past recipients of the WAIMH Award

Serge Lebovici; Justin Call; Eleanor Galenson; Robert Emde; Hiram Fitzgerald; Sonya Bemporad (1996); Joy Osofsky (2000); Dilys Daws (2002); Sam Tyano (2006); Campbell Paul and Brigid Jordan (2008); Astrid Berg (2010)

2. Sonya Bemporad Award

Given in recognition of significant contributions to the advancement of social and public policies that contribute to the mental health and overall benefit of infants, toddlers, and their families. Nominees typically are not involved in service delivery or scientific or clinical studies of infants. Legislators, officials, advocates, media representatives, foundation directors, and concerned citizens may qualify for the award.

Past recipients of the Sonya Bemporad Award

Paul Steinhauer (2000); Salvador Celia (2002); Betty Tableman (2002); Pamela Linke (2006); Matthew Melmed (2008); Tuula Tamminen (2010)

3. Serge Lebovici Award

Given in recognition of significant contributions to the international development of infant mental health. Nominees typically are individuals who have been actively involved in collaborative efforts that have cross-national implications for infant mental health.

Past recipients of the Serge Lebovici Award

Myriam David (2002); Michel Soulé (2006); Daniel Stern (2008) ; Charles Zeanah Jr. (2010

4. Réne Spitz Award

Given in recognition of significant lifetime contributions to clinical and/or experimental research on topics related to infant mental health. Nominees typically are individuals who have made substantive scientific contributions to the interdisciplinary field of infant mental health.

Past recipients of the Réne Spitz Award

T. Berry Brazelton (2002); Robert Emde (2006); Takeo Doi (2008); Mechthild Papousek (2010)

Required nomination support materials

  1. A 250-500 word statement indicating why the nominee should receive the award.
  2. A copy of the nominee’s resume, vita, or biographical sketch. If you are nominating a group, provide a complete description of the group and its members as well as a brief history of its relevant activities.
  3. Three letters of support from individuals who endorse your nomination.
  4. Submit all nomination materials in one packet and mail it to the WAIMH Central Office postmarked no later than 30 November, 2011.

Applications are invited for the following award category:

New Investigator Award

The purpose of the WAIMH New Investigator Award is to recognize and encourage promising new investigators in infant mental health. The applicant must be a member or sponsored by a member of WAIMH. The applicant must have earned a university degree no more than eight years prior to the application deadline. The individual selected as new investigator receives a cash award, a plaque, and acceptance of his/her paper for publication in the Infant Mental Health Journal (this involves exposure to the peer review process as a way of assisting the investigator’s professional development). In addition, the new investigator must be prepared to present his or her work at the following world congress.

Past recipients of the New Investigator Award

Ann McDonald Culp (1996); Laurie A. Van Egeren (2000); Kaija Puura (2002); Claire Vallotton (2006); Wakako Sanefuji (2008); Elita Amini Virmani (2010)

Required application support materials

  1. A cover letter on institutional letterhead indicating that you want to be considered for the New Investigator Award competition.
  2. One copy of the applicant’s curriculum vitae or resume.
  3. One copy of the abstract submitted to the program committee of the congress.
  4. Four copies of an original unpublished version of the paper described in the abstract.
  5. A sponsor’s letter if you are not a member of WAIMH. The sponsoring letter must be written by a member of WAIMH.

There will be no exceptions to the 30 November, 2011 deadline.
Send the entire application packet to the WAIMH Central Office.

WAIMH will forward applications to the awards committee.

Direct any questions to: Pälvi Kaukonen, Executive Director (

Send nominations/applications to:

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