Affiliates Corner. News from the WAIMH Affiliate Council

Communication between Affiliates

Signal, mailing list and website. WAIMH is planning to increasingly use its Affiliates Council mailing list to maximize communication with Affiliates. Also, the information concerning the activities organized by your affiliates can be distributed to the Affiliates Council by way of this mailing list and can then be posted on the WAIMH website. Keep your comments and ideas coming so that we can maintain and enrich a lively Affiliates community and a dynamic communication with the WAIMH Board.

About new affiliates

The WAIMH Board has accepted Idaho and Connecticut as new WAIMH Affiliates in June 2010. The Ohio Affiliate has been reactivated . The WAIMH Executive Committee accepted Pennsylvania and Hawaii affiliate applications during the autumn 2011. Welcome to all new Affiliates to the WAIMH family!

Affiliate Surveys

Two WAIMH Affiliate surveys have been conducted. Findings from the first survey provide a portrait of the Affiliates. The findings are available in a link: WAIMH Affiliate Council Survey 2010. Findings from the second survey provide a portrait of the Affiliates needs. We wish to thank all of those who participated in the survey so far and wish to remind the Affiliates that have not yet participated, that a survey link will be resent in January 2012. The results of the survey will be presented at the Affiliates meeting in Capetown. This survey provides a rich picture of the educational and non educational needs of Affiliates and will serve as a roadmap for continuing to serve the needs of infant clinicians across the WAIMH family.

Agenda for the Affiliates Council in Capetown

A meeting agenda will be sent to all Affiliates Presidents prior to the meeting. The meeting will also provide a chance for Presidents from the Affiliates to meet informally.  We hope to meet all Affiliates Presidents in Capetown!


Affiliates Corner. News from the WAIMH Affiliate Council


Foley, Maree,
Affiliates Representative,
St-André, Martin,
Chair of Affiliates Council,
New Zealand and Canada

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