Vol. 20 No.3-4 Winter 2012 – From the Editors

Dear colleagues:

During the past 50 years infant mental health has emerged as a significant approach to the promotion of social and emotional wellbeing in infancy, as well as a preventive-intervention approach to treatment when significant risks to the infant or young child, the parent and the relationship are identified. Within this same time frame, the infant mental health movement has expanded to a global network of professionals from many disciplines, research faculty, and policy advocates, all of whom share the common goal of enhancing the quality of relationships that infants and young children have with their parents and other caregivers. The global reach of infant mental health demands attention to the cultural context in which a child and family lives, as well as critical attention to issues that affect child development, child health, child mental health, parental mental health and early relationship development.

We invite all members of the World Association for Infant Mental Health and all members of its 50 international Affiliates to contribute to WAIMH’s international publication, newly named by the WAIMH Board, «Perspectives in Infant Mental Health,» where views about infant mental health can be shared, discussed, and indeed, even debated. We welcome your articles, brief commentaries, case studies, program descriptions, and descriptions of evidence-based practices.

Articles will be reviewed by the editors and members of the Editorial Board, all of whom are committed to identifying authors from around the world and assisting them to best prepare their papers for publication.

In the spirit of sharing new perspectives, we welcome your manuscripts,




Vol. 20 No.3-4 Winter 2012 – From the Editors


Weatherston, Deborah,
Fitzgerald, Hiram E.,
United States

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