Reflections from Turkey

We, as the Turkish scientific community, would like to express our profound grief and deep sorrow for the loss of Dr. Stern. Some people simply watch history, some people truly make history. Dr. Stern truly made history through his research, observations and profound expertise in infant development. He made exceptional theoretical contributions to our understanding of «infancy» and «motherhood» that continue to influence every researcher in this field to this date. Dr. Stern was a great thinker who dedicated his life to promoting «Infant Mental Health». From the very beginning, his comprehensive research, vision and expertise enlightened and inspired many professionals who are working with infants and their families. Dr. Daniel N. Stern’s contributions to science and his legacy will continue to inspire many Turkish professionals for many more generations to come.


Reflections from Turkey


Gocek, Elif,
Erol, Nese,

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