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In preparation for the 2014 WAIMH Congress in Edinburgh, the UK Affiliate, with WAIMH and the Affiliates Council, have been working together to run a precongress event that specifically addresses reflective supervision, a continuing education need that was identified from the affiliates surveys as an issue of interest for many of us. A reflective supervision pre-congress event is therefore being organized, in order to offer an experience of a live supervision format. Two colleagues have offered to take the supervisor role: Louise Emmanuel representing the UK affiliate, and Pamela Segel, representing the broader affiliate community. Both Louise and Pamela are very experienced and highly regarded supervisors.

We are now seeking to identify two colleagues– one from the UK Affiliate, and one from any other Affiliate – who would be willing to take part in the live supervision as supervisees. The recruiting process uses our emerging communication infrastructure for Affiliates: the message was distributed on the Affiliates presidents’ mailing list and was also posted on the Affiliates Facebook page, to which all Presidents and Affiliates Board members are once again invited to join in by contacting Catarina Furmark ( or Lynn Priddis ( For this event to be a success, we are looking for two practitioners who have considerable experience of reflective supervision. The supervisee would be required to bring a detailed case study, which could be presented in accordance with the usual ethics of supervision with regard to case presentation to ensure the anonymity of the patient/client. Being a supervisee would entail presenting a detailed processed record of a clinical encounter, depending on their work context, with minimal but essential background history. The supervisee would also need to be willing to engage in an extended discussion (for around an hour) with one of the two nominated supervisors, and with a potential audience of around 50 people (although this may be as many as 100).

If you would be interested in being a supervisee, we ask that you email the WAIMH office ( with the following information:

  • Name
  • Affiliate
  • Professional credentials and ethical body
  • Experience to date of reflective supervision
  • A brief statement about what you think as a supervisee you would bring to this process

The selection process will be overseen by WAIMH, the Affiliates Council, and the local organizing committee for the WAIMH congress, and all applicants will be notified about the outcome of their application later in the year. The closing date for applications is: July 15, 2013.

In the meantime, our best wishes for a dynamic spring period for your Affiliate.


Affiliates Corner. From the Affiliates.


Foley, Maree,
WAIMH Affiliate Council Representative,
New Zealand,
Barlow, Jane,
Chair of the Local Organizing Committee,
WAIMH World Congress 2014 ,
United Kingdom
St-André, Martin,
WAIMH Affiliate Council Chairperson,

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