A New Resource: Primera Infancia (Early Infancy)

During the last year, three volumes of a collection, Early Infancy – the Psychosocial Construction of a Human Being, has been published in SPANISH. Therefore, the title in the original print (plus Kindle version) is Primera Infancia- la Construcción Psicosocial de un ser Humano.

For those WAIMH Members interested in giving the reference to Hispanic colleagues working in Infancy Programs or in Parent-Infant Clinics, please direct them to Amazon in all countries, under Books, Author: Miguel Hoffmann. There will be both the printed and the Kindle format of these three volumes. Two more volumes are in either the editing or the production process, and will be available during the coming months and during 2014.

Written in an accessible language and in many chapters using a two level approach, from the essential to the more complex matters, a third and fourth level will be developed by colleagues from Spain and Latin America who are leaders in the field.

Thereby we might have -in due time- a handbook of essential concepts of early development in SPANISH. The available volumes are the initial steps, and appropriate for training purposes in this multidisciplinary field, ranging from volunteers to different disciplines developed during the last decades to approach the initial stages of a human being’s development.


A New Resource: Primera Infancia (Early Infancy)


Hoffman, Miguel,

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