Vol. 21 No.4 Winter 2013 – From the Editors

The Editors wish to acknowledge the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela, one of the world’s greatest and most influential leaders. We will honor his work and commitment to humanity in the next issue of Perspectives in Infant Mental Health.

We welcome articles from around the world about individual, family, community and population level practice, policy, research and theory. We invite field reports, particularly case studies about individual challenges and successes in nurturing and supporting healthy development and change through practices promoting infant mental health.  We ask for research articles that offer new ways of looking at prevention, intervention and treatment approaches. We welcome, too, book reviews that introduce readers to newly published materials that enrich their work.

Of additional interest, we have added a new column this year, The World in WAIMH, coordinated by Joshua Sparrow.  It is a column intended to generate reflection and offer a space for questioning, challenge, dialogue and interdisciplinary discussion. To be a truly global organization, WAIMH needs to extend its reach, and to learn from contexts, cultures and communities that are not or only minimally represented in its current membership. We invite your responses and reflections.


Vol. 21 No.4 Winter 2013 – From the Editors


Weatherston, Deborah,
Michigan, USA,
Fitzgerald, Hiram E.,
Michigan, USA,
Foley, Maree,
New Zealand,

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