Vol. 22 No.2-3 Summer 2014 – From the Editors

This double-issue issue of Perspectives in Infant Mental Health includes articles that underline WAIMH’s mission: To promote education, research, and study of the effects of mental, emotional, and social development during infancy on later normal and psychopathological development through international and interdisciplinary cooperation, publications, affiliate associations, and through regional and biennial congresses devoted to scientific, educational, and clinical work with infants and their caregivers.

Miri Keren’s Presidential Address, given at the WAIMH Conference in Edinburgh this past June presents the history of the organization and details the very important WAIMH Declaration of Infant’s Rights. Jane Barlow’s contribution celebrates the highpoints of the Conference and Astrid Berg’s commentary articulates the possibility for cooperation through planning the WAIMH 2016 Conference in Tel Aviv with the local planning committee members from both Israel and the Palestine communities. Joshua Sparrow, offers words of hope in the midst of despair related to the conflicts world-wide that affect the lives of babies, young children, and families. Alexandra Harrison extends her support and reflective approach to caregivers in many places around the world through the use of distance technology. Maree Foley and Anna Huber offer extensive updates from the Affiliate Council. Japanese colleague, Hisako Watanabe, gives a careful history of the development of the newest WAIMH affiliate in Japan and her colleague, Shintaro Kikuchi, provides an important update about the continuing impact on the lives of young children, as well as progress toward recovery in Fukushima, following the devastating tsunami. (Dr. Kikuchi’s article appears in Japanese at the end of this current issue.) Maree Foley has organized a new column that focuses on scientific studies around the world in infant mental health. The issue ends with a review of a book by Miri Keren and a report from the Tampere WAIMH Central Office.

As always, the editors invite submissions and commentary from you. Our plans for the coming year include the use of social media for more immediate postings and the possibility of comments on-line. We look forward to hearing for you and to contributions from around the world.


Vol. 22 No.2-3 Summer 2014 – From the Editors


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Michigan, USA,
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Michigan, USA,
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New Zealand,

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