A Resource from the Infant Mental Health Journal

C. Malone & J.C. & Dayton, C.J. (2015). What is the Container/Contained When There are Ghosts in the Nursery?: Joining Bion and Fraiberg in Dyadic Interventions with Mother and Infant. Infant Mental Health Journal. (Vol. 36 No. 3). Pp.262-274.

In the most recent issue of the Infant Mental Health Journal, Johanna C. Malone (Harvard Medical School) and Michigan’s own Carolyn Joy Dayton (Wayne State University) explore W.R. Bion’s elaboration on Selma Fraiberg’s concept of how “ghosts in the nursery” impact the infant-parent relationship. The authors unpack Bion’s understanding of how the therapeutic relationship plays a role in emotional containment cycles between mother and infant.

Read the full text at no cost here.

This article appears here with permission from the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health.


A Resource from the Infant Mental Health Journal


Malone, C. & J.C. & Dayton, C.J.
United States

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