The World in WAIMH

World in WAIMH

The World in WAIMH is a column intended to generate reflection and spark dialogue about infancy and infant mental health within the global community. Our shared hope is to offer space for challenge and interdisciplinary discussion. We ask the WAIMH community for commentary, field reports, case studies, research articles, book reviews, new submissions and (when proper permission can be obtained) adaptations of previously published articles that may be of interest.

The provocative piece, Commentary on INFANT MENTAL HEALTH IN THE GLOBAL VILLAGE: An invitation to reader’s debate: Emerging infant environments, and future research, by Niels P. Rygaard, appeared in the Winter 2015 issue of WAIMH Perspectives in Infant Mental Health.

Rygaard’s article stimulated dialogue among readers in many countries around the world. Reflections from Katharin Hermeneau of Germany appear below. As always, the editors welcome your response to these columns, as well as your submissions.


The World in WAMH


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