Vol. 23 No.4 Winter 2015 – From the Editors

This issue of WAIMH Perspectives in Infant Mental Health is a reminder to us that although separated by great distances, we share in common a commitment to the wellbeing of all babies, all children and all families through principles and practices promoting infant mental health. Miri Keren offers a poignant essay about loss in her President’s Column. She remembers leaders of the infant mental health community who have passed away and to those left behind to carry the work forward in their absence. Bob Emde, Tuula Tamminen, Pia Motander, and Joy Osofsky pay tribute to Peter de Chateau, offering personal and professional recollectionsl, while T. Berry Brazelton, Sheri Hill, Susan Spiker and Hisako Watanabe give us warm and meaningful insights into their relationships with Kathryn Barnard. Hi Fitzgerald remembers both. Their writing helps readers to hold onto the memory and work of individuals who were world leaders through WAIMH.

The more personal tributes are followed by attention to mental health and the global agenda in the World in WAIMH column, Joshua Sparrow, featuring excerpts from the New England Journal of Medicine. Kai von Klitzing and colleagues from the University of Leipzig have written an article, “Mental Disorders in Early Childhood,” Deutsches Ärzteblatt International | Dtsch Arztebl Int 2015; 112: 375–86, which is introduced here and appears in full with permission on the WAIMH website (reference here). The Australian Association for Infant Mental Health, Inc. introduces an important policy paper, “Infants in Immigration Detention (2015).

We are deeply appreciative of the submissions this fall. We invite you to submit commentary or articles you have written that challenge us to think deeply about the importance of infancy and early childhood around the world.


Vol. 23 No.4 Winter 2015 – From the Editors


Weatherston, Deborah J.,
Fitzgerald, Hiram,
Foley, Maree,
Switzerland/New Zealand,
Sparrow, Joshua,

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