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Greetings to all WAIMH Affiliates. This brief update addresses: new WAIMH Affiliates, news about a forthcoming new area on the WAIMH website for Affiliate Council members, a reminder about the WAIMH guidelines to how your affiliate can go about seeking and accessing regional training; and a reminder to keep the WAIMH office updated with any changes in your affiliate contact details.

New WAIMH Affiliates: Welcome

Over the past couple of months, the WAIMH Board have approved two new WAIMH Affiliate applications. The first from Wisconsin, USA and the second from New York, USA. Welcome Wisconsin and New York. Furthermore, in this edition there is also an introduction from the Wisconsin affiliate for you to enjoy. Both Wisconsin and New York are engaged in an array of exciting programmes and activities.

The WAIMH website and a special area for AC Presidents/Executives

A special page within the WAIMH website for WAIMH Affiliate Council Members is being set up and will be active for members to access from January 2017. This Affiliates Council arena is being set up with the expertise and support of the team in the WAIMH office.

This new page has been developed in response to feedback received at our Affiliate Council meetings for a mechanism that allows us all to more easily share information between affiliates. For example, information about training, education, infant mental health resources as well as governance issues at the affiliate level.

To access this page, Affiliate Council members and WAIMH Board and Executive members will be able to log into the WAIMH web page. Once logged in, you will be able to access the Affiliates Council page.

Training and knowledge sharing for WAIMH Affiliates

A core task of the Affiliates Council (AC) involves identifying and facilitating the meeting of affiliate needs at varying stages of their development. From study groups through to established affiliates there is a need for ongoing training and supervision and the sharing of infant mental health knowledge, skills and competent practice training.

In response, the WAIMH Board welcome requests from affiliates and where possible are happy to support groups through accessing online webinars, online cyber-guests and facilitating the availability of keynote speakers. The WAIMH website outlines specific details concerning how your affiliate might directly apply for WAIMH support access. Some of these details are outlined below:

Guidelines for Regional Meetings

One way to attract members to your Affiliate is to host a Regional Meeting on Infant Mental Health. The WAIMH Executive Committee adopted the following guidelines for regional meetings in 1992.

Guidelines for Proposals for Regional Meetings

The purpose of Regional Meetings for WAIMH, in general, is different from that of World Congresses. In most cases, they are intended to stimulate interest in infant mental health concerns in that region of the world and to help the local group bring together interested individuals. Any earned monies beyond expenses from the Regional Meetings is shared with WAIMH with 50% going to the local group and 50% going to WAIMH. (It is possible that in some parts of the world, a larger Regional Meeting might be a more appropriate format than a World Congress. These special arrangements will be made in consultation with the Executive Director.)

A letter of intent to have a Regional Meeting should be submitted to the Executive Director.

Note: Regional Meetings and World Congresses are co-sponsored activities with WAIMH and must have approval of the WAIMH Executive Committee before they are official events. Affiliates may have meetings for their membership at any time; such meetings are not co-sponsored by WAIMH unless explicitly approved by the Executive Committee.

The WAIMH Board are currently engaged with the task of updating all information on the website. As a result, some of the above details may be revised. The Board will advise WAIMH affiliates of any proposed changes.

In addition, the AC are organising a pre-congress event at the WAIMH Rome Congress in 2018. This event is currently being planned in conjunction with the WAIMH Program committee.

Keeping the WAIMH Office updated with any changes in affiliate contact details


WAIMH Affiliates News


Foley, Maree
Chair of the Affiliates Council,
Huber, Anna,
Affiliate Council Representative,
Switzerland and Australia

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