Debate on diagnostic classification systems in early childhood

Last December the Zero to Three Task force (ZTT) launched the new classification of mental health and developmental disorders of infancy and early childhood (DC:0-5). In the following, we publish three statements which debate the adequacy of psychiatric diagnoses in early childhood. We want to continue this discussion in Perspectives and encourage all readers to send us their opinion. Address correspondence to Deborah Weatherston (

Should We Diagnose Babies? Some Notes on the Launch of the New Zero to Five Classification System (von Klitzing, K.)
* Should We Diagnose Babies? No! Should We Diagnose Disorders in Babies? Yes! (Zeanah, C.H. and ZERO TO THREE Diagnostic Classification Task Force)
* Diagnosing Babies? Diagnosing Disorders in Babies? Some thoughts on the ZERO TO THREE TASK FORCE response (von Klitzing, K.)