WAIMH Affiliates Council Pre-Institute (WAIMH Congress, Brisbane 2020)

Photo: Affiliates Biannual meeting at the WAIMH 16th World Congresses in Rome, Italy, 2018

WAIMH 2020 Brisbane Affiliates Pre-Congress Institute – Running an Infant Mental Health Organisation: Models of Working

Chaired by Anna Huber (PhD)
7th June
The Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane

This half day workshop, facilitated by the WAIMH Affiliates Council in response to feedback from Affiliates, will explore the realities, challenges and local solutions of running an Infant Mental Health association.

Drawing on member examples from around the world, the workshop will present a variety of models of running an Infant Mental Health association and share ideas about how common challenges might be addressed, including through our WAIMH connection.

Participants will gain an understanding of context specific as well as common needs and how different organisations have responded to these needs.

The first part of the morning will focus on presentations by invited Affiliate presidents or representatives, discussing how they have developed and responded to their social, political and economic contexts to build awareness, education and support for Infant Mental Health.

Presenters from each organisation will briefly describe their organisation’s history and current structure, the size and range of backgrounds of their membership, how the organisation is funded and their financial circumstances, activities they engage in to carry out their aims, their main operational challenges and the advantages of WAIMH Affiliation.

After a coffee break, the second part of the morning will involve moderated discussion about themes that emerge from the presentations. This discussion will also be informed by research from a study into the sustainability of IMH organisations currently being undertaken by the Alliance for Infant Mental Health.

Specifically, panelists and workshop participants will be invited to share innovative solutions and ideas to address common challenges such as:

  • Engaging and retaining members
  • Becoming financially viable and generating adequate income to carry out aims
  • Making the organisation sustainable over time

Finding ways to easily connect with other WAIMH affiliates and members to support these goals will also be discussed.

Current confirmed participating presenters and panel members include the following Affiliate Presidents (or their representative):

Europe: Piret Visnapuu-Bernadt Estonian Association for IMH
North America: Claud Bisaillon Quebec Association for IMH
Sheryl Goldberg Michigan Association for IMH
South America: Clara Schejtmann Argentinian Association for IMH (online)
Africa: Nicole Canin Gauteng Association for IMH
Australia/Oceania Gally McKenzie Australian Association for IMH
Asia: To be advised


Executive Director, Alliance for Infant Mental Health: Nichole Paradis

If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact Anna Huber or Jane Barlow.

We look forward to seeing you there.


Anna Huber (Australia) and Jane Barlow (United Kingdom)