Poems and Reflections 

Debbie Weatherston

Deborah Weatherston, PhD (Infant Mental Health Specialist and Mentor) is the recently retired, Executive Director, Alliance for the Advancement of Infant Mental Health. She is also a long-standing Editor-in-Chief, and more recently Associate Editor, of Perspectives in Infant Mental Health.

Debbie has been reflecting via poetry, on her experiences as an infant mental health home visitor, and in parallel, experiences within reflective supervision. A selection of her poems, with a reflective commentary from Debbie, about how her poems arrived, have been published in the Poetry and Practice section of Newborn Behavior International (NBI) network website.

You can access her poems and reflections via the following link: https://www.newbornbehaviorinternational.org/poetry/name-of-poem-bxjh5.

More generally, about the site, this is open access site and contains an invitation from NBI leaders, Kevin Nugent, and Lise Johnson, to join the NBI worldwide network.

You can read more about this at the following link: www.newbornbehaviorinternational.org


Poems and Reflections By Deborah J Weatherston, PhD, United States of America. Perspectives in Infant Mental Health Vol. 28 No. 2 | Summer 2020


Deborah J Weatherston, PhD (USA)