Affiliates Corner. Purposeful use of social media: Keeping infants and their relationships in mind and in view

Social media is a relatively new resource for organisations to tap into. Social media has become popularised with endeavours to connect with others via self promotion, detailing daily life and sharing the mundane. Building on this popular use, social media is here for us utilise as a resource to support the development of our organisational infrastructures. However in contrast to self-promotion, or goals are aimed at supporting day-to-day professional connections with each-other within WAIMH, across our affiliates, and with all those who share similar goals. The challenge is to leverage this resource with wisdom and purpose: to help us increase our experience of connection with each-other, so as we can in turn increase our experiences of connection with the aims and goals of WAIMH.

To this end the WAIMH board are working on developing a protocol from which to optimise this medium to support of goals of WAIMH. The emerging outcome of this process will in turn actively benefit all affiliates and their members and will help us to refine our current use of FaceBook as a mode of shared communication. It will help also help to situate WAIMH in connection with other like minded colleagues, across countries and organizations.

We also want to thank all of those who were able to participate in the online 0-3 survey run by the ZERO TO THREE’s DC: 0-3R Revision Task Force who have been collecting information to update and revise the  Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood: Revised Edition known as DC:0-3R.

The WAIMH Congress in Edinburgh June 2014, is fast approaching. The organisation of the WAIMH affiliate pre-congress Reflective Supervision event is well underway with a lot of work going into this by the UK Congress team including Prof Jane Barlow and Dr Louise Emanuel to name but two members of the UK team. This pre-congress event will entail an opportunity to learn and develop through sharing ideas about clinical practice across international boundaries.

We cordially invite you to continue providing much needed feedback about the development of these various WAIMH initiatives and we wish you ongoing success and energy with your various Affiliate activities.


Affiliates Corner. Purposeful use of social media: Keeping infants and their relationships in mind and in view


Foley, Maree,
Affiliates Council Representative,
New Zealand
Martin, St-André,
Affiliates Council Chair,

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