From the Editor-in-Chief: Issue Vol. 30 No. 2 | Summer 2022

Welcome to this most current full edition of WAIMH Perspectives in Infant Mental Health (2022). Since the last issue, global and regional crises that impact the health and well-being of families with infants continue along with COVID-19, which remains a constant for many of us across the globe.

Perspectives in Infant Mental Health provides a digital platform for WAIMH members (and the extended WAIMH global community) to share current work initiatives and experiences in the field; all of which aim to effectively promote and protect the mental wellbeing and healthy development of infants in their relationships, and their communities.

Furthermore, this WAIMH publication is underpinned by an asset-based community development approach which in turn aims to create digital spaces for shared conversations, reflections, and collegial companionship. As such, the call for papers is always open. Submission details can be sourced here:

This issue begins with an address from the president of WAIMH Campbell Paul (Australia), followed by an address from the WAIMH Executive Director, Kaija Puura (Finland).

Next, is a paper that focuses on the unique characteristics of leadership in the field of infant and early childhood mental health. The paper is titled: Supporting Reflective Leadership: Utilizing Reflective Consultation with Organizational Leaders to Promote Program Sustainability During COVID-19. It is authored by Alison Peak, Diana Morelen, Katherine Johnson, Emma Timmins, Mindy Kronenberg, and Angela Webster (Tennessee, USA).

What follows is a paper that explores infant mental health workforce capacity knowledge. The paper is titled: The views of non-clinical staff who participated in an Infant Mental Health (IMH) Training Day in a Child and Family service Cork, Ireland: A window into the general public perspective regarding infant mental health and wellbeing. It is authored by Isobel de Búrca, Catherine Maguire & Alasdair Ross (Ireland).

News from the WAIMH Office by Minna Sorsa and Neea-Leena Aalto (Finland) follows with further WAIMH Congress Dublin, Ireland, 2023 updates, including the Call for Abstracts.

Finally, this publication is made possible by the WAIMH office staff, led by Dr Minna Sorsa with Neea-Leena Aalto, who both do an amazing job in the office. They juggle all things WAIMH and their office update is a fleeting summary of what they do on our behalf as WAIMH members. This issue, closes with general information about WAIMH Perspectives (including the paper submission process).

As a reminder, The Signal and Perspectives Infant Mental Health Archive can be accessed online, with past issues dating back to 1993 currently available by following this link: Also, past articles are available online in text format, which in turn can be shared:

May you and your families and friends, stay safe and well. Our warmest wishes to you all.

From Maree Foley (Editor-in-Chief) on behalf of the WAIMH Perspectives in Infant Mental Health editorial team


Perspectives in Infant Mental Health Vol. 30 No. 2 | Summer 2022


Maree Foley, Switzerland, Editor-in-Chief